Tube Integrated Amplifiers



Type Integrated amplifier with remote control and digital input
Bias Automatic
Power 90W in pure class A
Input type 4 line input, 1 digital input, 2 speaker output (for bi-wiring)
Bandwidth 10Hz -19kHz @-3dB
Sensibility 190mV
Tubes list 8 X KT150 2 x ECC83/12AX7, 3 x ECC82/12AU7
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 22 cm
Weight 41kg
Consumption 600VA


The Jadis I88 is designed around a double push-pull of KT150. It bring about 90W in pure class A. Including a remote control and an USB input to enjoy the music from your Pc or Mac.


" The Jadis I88 offers a soundstage very well structured in width and depth. Beautiful moments of listening rich in sensations and fulll of emotions. It delivers a message of quality with an outstanding bass register, dynamic peformed with brio and shimmering tones..." Haute Fidelité Magazine

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