Tube Power Amplifiers



Type Monoblock power amplifier pure class A
Bias Autobias
Power 40W class-A
Bandwidth 20Hz to 22kHz
Sensibility 1V
Number of blocks 2
Tubes list 845 x 4 EL84 x 4 ECC82 x 2 ECC83 x 2
Dimensions 68x30x29 cm
Weight 40 Kg per bloc
Consumption 230W each


The 845NEC provides 40W per channel in pure class A using  1 ECC83, 1 ECC82 2 EL34 and 2 single ended 845NEC per channel.The 845 push-pull brings twice more power than the SE845 while keeping details and musicality.


When we last visited France we heard those those mono amps, which sounded so good that we are certain they represent without a doubt the very top of this application.
"Absolute Sounds ltd"

Review "Haute Fidélité" (In French)


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