Tube Integrated Amplifiers



Type Diapason
Bias AB Class - semi automatic
Power 2 X 15 W
Input type 6 line inputs ( RCA), USB as an option, 1 output for loudspeaker
Bandwidth @ - 3dB: 20 Hz to 25kHz
Sensibility 10 mV
Tubes list 4 X 6L6 - 1 X ECC82 - 2 X ECC83
Dimensions 37 x 16.5 x 35 cm
Weight 12 kg
Consumption 150W


"Diapason highlights tone structure of each note.... Between neat tones,uncommon liveliness for that kind of product and price,  and a linear tone balance, seduction criteria for Diapason are plentiful…” Magazine Haute Fidélité

Diapason is now available with Luxe Option



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