Tube Integrated Amplifiers



Type Integrated amplifier with optional remote control
Bias Automatic
Power 30W Class-A
Input type 5 line input, 2 speaker output (for bi-wiring)
Bandwidth 20Hz to 20kHz @-3dB
Sensibility 100mV
Number of blocks 1
Tubes list 4 x KT88/KT120/6CA7, 2 x ECC83, 3 x ECC82
Dimensions 485x345x240mm
Weight 31Kg
Consumption 275W


The Jadis I35 integrates both active preamplifier and amplifier which bring high musicality. It delivers 30 watts in pure classe A. Moreover, remote controller can be added on demand.


Bass is plentiful but well balanced with a good notion of weight on the notes. On complex message, sections remain well separated, timbre and amplitude of each note is easily  distinguished in the musical mass. Sound stage is large and well dimensioned. Once again, Jadis scheme allows tubes to give their very best in terms of  timbre accuracy, harmonic envelop and tonal balance. HAUTE FIDELITE 2019

"The Jadis sounded magnificent... the I-35 delivered every bit of the presence, tone and texture that I would hope to hear from a contemporary tube amplifier: no small feat in itself. This is a damn good amp for getting to the essence of music."
- Art Dudley, Stereophile, January 2014

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