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tube power amplifiers and preamplifiers Jadis Electronics
  • Customer relations

    The JADIS quality is applied to all its products as well to its services. Anxious to satisfy our customers, we are keen to supply entirely adapted services, and above all, we have created durable relations based on confidence and reliability. Our working methods are centred on listening, advice and reactivity, but also on a guarantee of a very reliable after-sales service.
    Referenced on an international scale, the JADIS Company has already appealed to and convinced clients. Proud of that observation, we continue to make use of our means, our heart, and our willpower, to always give the best satisfaction to our customers.

  • Research & development

    Salle de tests psycho-acoustique et audio numérique avec matériel électronique à tubes

    The JADIS Company is equipped with a Research and Development Laboratory, uniting together three specialized departments with high-performance equipment, and by using of the most recent state-of-the-art technology.

    • R&D for tube electronics

      Perpetual optimisation of the quality.

    • R&D digital audio

      Development of new top-of-the-range products.

    • R&D psycho-acoustic

      Evaluations and tests of new components aimed at the perfection of the final products.

  • Trials & tests

    Phase de tests et de contrôle effectué par un techniciens formé en interne chez Jadis Electronics

    Each of our products is bound by very strict successions of tests and controls executed by highly-skilled technicians. Endowed with a thorough in-house training, they are able to supervise the whole manufacturing process, while each of them brings specific technical skills. Thus, all assembly stages receive specialised inspections, executed with the help of the most high-performance technology. When any product has some defect during the test phase, even infinitesimal, it is immediately taken out of the production line.

  • Manufacturing

    • The tubes

      Tubes ECC82 et 12AU7A vérifiés et sélectionnés par Jadis Electronics

      For its electronics, JADIS uses tubes of different brands and various origins, which have specific features.
      Tubes represent a key factor of quality; it is for this reason that every batch is strictly analysed in order to select only the best components.
      At first, they undergo a primary selection to make them endure several firing cycles (dilatation of materials), allowing the detection of bad air vacuum and mechanical defects (Fixation of electrodes and airtightness of the glass/metal junction).
      After that, they are measured one by one to inspect their characteristics and make their appairage (union of parts which are functioning in pairs).

      The power triodes

      • 300B : JADIS has chosen the 300B Electro Harmonix for their sound quality and their reliability.
      • 845 : From Chinese origin, the 845 has an anode in solid carbon, allowing considerable dissipation. The difficulty in assembling such a tube rests in its power tension, around one kilovolt, and in its need of a strong attack signal.

      The power penthodes

      • KT90 : With an important plate and screen dissipation, the KT90 is the most reliable tube we know. It is for that reason that this tube is used exclusively in our JA800 amplifier. We are using this one too in our JA50, JA100, JA250 ranges. This tube can be also used on all our amplifiers.
      • 6550 : One of the most used power tubes; it connects up to a large number of our amplifiers. We use Russian manufactured tubes.
      • 6CA7 : With a sound softer than the KT90 or the 6550, it can be used on a great variety of amplifiers.
      • KT88 : The reference tube for the audiophiles, we use KT88 especially built for us.
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      Driver tubes

      • ECC82, 12AU7A : Used for our preamplifiers and amplifiers. The Russian manufactured tubes are suitable in most cases. Others are preferable when the heating of the tubes is executed in Alternating Current because Russian products are imperceptible.
      • ECC83, 12AX7 : Maybe the most difficult tube to be chosen. Each type possesses its own musicality :
        • - The old American manufactured tubes "5751" are nervous and physical
        • - Another American manufactured tube "7025" gives a precise sort of music
        • - The Europeans ones are suitable in most cases
      • ECC88, 6DJ8, 6922, E88CC : Interesting when noise is a problem. JADIS uses Russian manufactured tubes on its stages.
    • The components

      Sélection des meilleurs composants

      Our small-scale production method, added to many hours of listening, permit us to refine our selection, in order to reach to the optimal result.

    • The chassis

      Chassis en inox chirurgical fabriqué par Jadis Electronics

      In extremely good quality surgical stainless steel, the chassis is at the same time aesthetic and hard-wearing, allowing us to guarantee the permanence of our products.

    • The gildings


      The ultimate touch of refinement, the twenty-four gold-plated brass, suiting each of our creations, is also a mark of the JADIS stamp.

    • The output transformer

      Transformateur fabriqué main par les techniciens Jadis Electronics

      Main parts of the creation, the transformers are hand-made on a digital winding machine, following the basic principles born from the passion and research of André Calmettes. Inestimable expertise, and the cornerstone of the high-quality of its products, JADIS keeps its trade secret very carefully.

    • The cabling

      Fabrication manuel du câblage par les techniciens Jadis Electronics

      Stemmed from the world of high frequency electronics, the rules and techniques of manual cabling allow us to take full advantage of our equipment and contribute to the sound aesthetics of JADIS.

  • International services

    The quality of JADIS products has gone beyond the bounds, and is internationally famous. With dealers all over the world, our logistic unit manages goods transport and watches over its quality so that it is always preserved.

Our distributors worldwide

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