Type Tube DAC with separated power supply
Input type 4 digital
Number of blocks 2
Tubes list 2xECC82 2xECC88 1xEL84 1xEF86
Dimensions 455x325x125mm each
Weight 30Kg
Consumption 75W


Digital to analog converter
- SPDIF on RCA - PCM 24 bits/192 KHz
- AES/EBU on XLR - PCM 24 bits/192 KHz
-  SPDIF on Toslink - PCM 24bits/192 KHz
- USB on B type connector - PCM: 24 bits/192KHz - DSD: 24 bits/384 KHz
Unbalanced on RCA connectors and full balanced on XLR connectors

The Jadis JS1 was developed with one important goal : Making the best and most musical reference tube DAC available.

The power and the grounding of the digital section are still  totally independent from the analog part of the circuit. This  version accepts a lot of formats thanks to its new digital card and is equipped with an advanced system of digital power management. MKV version uses AKM4497 converter (mono-architecture - 1 per channel). The whole managed by a micro-controller. MKV version comes to enrich the outstanding quality of the JS1 to make you feel the quintessence of each track. Soundstage is still gorgeous with a warm but bouncy sound.


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