• Which kind of speakers can be used with JADIS amplifiers?

    • The JADIS amplifiers could be used with any kind of speakers. However, the choice is subject to some rules: the speakers have to have a sufficient efficiency according to the amplifier power and the size of the listening room.

  • What is the tube's lifetime?

    • The tubes manufacturers give a lifetime between 2000 and 3000 hours without, however, any warranty. Actually, with normal use, the lifetime could be more. In the most cases, a dynamic loss of music is the sign of old tubes.

  • What are the differences between KT90, 6550, KT88,... power tubes?

    • The power tubes have different electric specifications but are chosen for their musicality. They have their own sound identity; their choice depends on the owner's taste.
  • Why the Jadis amplifiers are equipped with two pairs of terminals for the speakers?

    • The two pairs of terminals for the speakers are connected in parallel inside the unit in order to allow the user to do a bi-wiring system on his speakers.

  • Noise or hum problems …?

    • The setup of a high end system is not easy and requires a perfect knowledge of some elementary rules. The retailer is able to setup a system, following these rules, for a specific set of conditions.

  • Is the mains phase setup important?

    • Yes, it is important to set all the units in the right phase. The phase line is marked by an “L” on the mains plug. The phase line can be found with a special tool like a multimetre or a phase tester.

  • Can I change the tubes without any adjustment?

    • Depending on the model. Only units equipped with an automatic bias system (Class A) don’t necessitate any adjustment. Read the unit specification to know. If an adjustment is necessary, it has to be carried out by a qualified technician.


  • Which kinds of cable are the most suitable for JADIS products?

    • The JADIS products were designed to reproduce a music signal closest to reality. The most transparent and neutral cable is the best choice.


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